A commercial real estate broker is a licensed professional who helps clients buy, sell or lease properties that will be used for business purposes. They represent and act as mediators between buyers and sellers.  Some companies also do property management, which makes them a Full Service company, which Crest is just that.

Want a Career in Commercial Real Estate?

Step 1 – Get Licensed in Real Estate Sales

In order to become a licensed commercial real estate broker, most states require prior real estate sales experience. Because real estate sales agents must also be licensed, the first step towards becoming a licensed broker is earning a real estate sales license. The requirements for obtaining this license vary from state to state. Most states require individuals to possess a high school diploma or the equivalent, complete a certain number of real estate courses and successfully pass an exam.

Step 2 – Gain Experience in Real Estate Sales

To prepare for a career as a commercial real estate broker, individuals typically need to gain 1 to 3 years of experience as a real estate sales agent. They can get this experience by working for real estate companies or individual brokers. Because commercial real estate deals with properties that are used for business purposes, focusing on commercial real estate sales may provide the experience and skills needed to become a successful commercial broker

Step 3 – Crossroads – Stay an Agent or go for Broker

After gaining the experience required by their state, a sales agent may become a licensed real estate broker. This usually involves completing a certain number of real estate training courses and passing an exam. Licensing requirements vary by state, and the exams will vary as well

Not everyone becomes a Broker.  Real Estate Agents are all over and work under Brokers.  This is ideal if you are part time or full time and do not want to own your own business.  Source

Commercial Real Estate is a fantastic field to be in.  It is always growing and changing.

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